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How to raise someone else's child

One of the biggest difficulties in the relationship between the stepson or stepdaughter, and a new parent is a problem that manifests itself in attempts stepfather or stepmother behave as a biological parent.

How to raise someone else's child

Instruction how to raise someone else's child

Step 1:

As a rule, children are very hard to tolerate her parents' divorce and so express their emotions and whims of bad behavior in relation to the new parents. In addition, even if the relationship is more or less established, they can worsen at birth in the family of a joint child. The oldest would seem that he was not wanted, and no one needs.

Step 2:

The most common mistake stepfather or stepmother is that they make an effort to be the child's father or mother, and behave accordingly. Of course, the child should be loved, but if the real parents are, the kid does not want to have another one.

Step 3:

Establish a relationship with the baby must be very slowly and carefully, without overstepping these limits, that is not to act as the biological father. This is important, even if the real parents shy away from its responsibilities regarding the child's education. If you adhere to this rule, the kid with time he will extend those boundaries and create a closer relationship with his stepfather.

Step 4:

In addition, one need not invest time and effort to learn the child better. Do not treat him as an enemy or an ally. It is better to look at it as a favorite and a loved one for your spouse. After a while, he will respond with good. The main thing - do not rush things and wait for the child to make the first step.

Step 5:

If it is necessary to punish a child, then do this should be a real parent. Often, mothers and fathers feel guilty before the child of divorce and start all over him to indulge. Despite the fact that the parent does not pay attention too rambunctious child, step-father or mother does not need to be punished. The best option is to talk with her husband and find out the cause of the softness in the upbringing of offspring.

Step 6:

Stepfather or stepmother have the right to bring up, but do not punish the child and deserve the same respect as the biological parent.

Step 7:

The new parent must realize that building relationships in the family usually 1.5 - 2 years. This is a fairly long process, but as the child gets older, he will appreciate a good attitude, endurance and patience with yourself.