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How to read fairy tales to children

Through reading, a person develops imagination and abstract thinking, memory and attention. If you take two people with the same skills, the same - the reader, the other - no one can say with certainty that reads in life will do better. Instill a love of books must begin in childhood, and this is best done with the help of fairy tales.

How to read fairy tales to children

You will need:

book illustrations, fantasy

Instruction how to read fairy tales to children

Step 1:

Select the appropriate tale for your child. "Little Longnose", read the three-year kid will be just as inappropriate as the "Gingerbread Man", read first grade. The tale should be age-appropriate: be both understandable and develop. For example, the smallest children need fairy tales with a constantly recurring plot moves and a small vocabulary ( "The Gingerbread Man," "Repka", "Hen Ryaba", etc.), older children (3-6 years) need a little more complicated story (poetic tales Chukovsky, Mikhalkov fables, fairy tales Suteeva), with 6 years, you can access more voluminous works ( "The Adventures of Pinocchio" by A. Tolstoy, tales T.Yanson and Astrid Lindgren). However, every child is different, so first of all proceed from its level of development.

Step 2:

Take a story with colorful illustrations and read it with your child. Reading should be active. Put your baby on your lap or next to show him all the characters in the illustrations, ask questions ( "How do you think that made gingerbread man?").

Step 3:

Ask your child what he realized after reading a fairy tale? What they have learned? How he behaved at the site of the hero? What he felt good and what is bad? What is most memorable? Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the position of the child. For example, baby wolf regret of "Little Red Riding Hood." Emphasize the child on what makes the wolf in the fairy tale bad things, and he is punished for it.

Step 4:

Play with your child in a fairy tale. Unleash your imagination and fantasy of the child. You can improvise, to introduce new characters, but a fairy tale sense should remain unchanged.