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How to read the verses child

Before answering the question "How to read poetry to the child?", It is necessary to understand why he needs all the verses. Lyrics - not only kind of literature, without which aesthetic and spiritual development of man. It is also a concept of rhyme, rhythm, which helps to learn to feel the native language.

How to read the verses child

Instruction how to read verses of the child

Step 1:

Pick texts according to age of the child. Remember one of the main didactic principles Ya Comenius - gradual and systematic knowledge. It is quite understandable desire of some parents early to attach the child to the heritage of the world and national classics, but the poem Lermontov's five children are not interested. When selecting the poems are not limited to standard texts set familiar to you from childhood. In print out all new and new creations of children's poets and writers, among them you can find a very interesting and worthwhile.

Step 2:

From the age of the child will depend on how precisely you will read poetry. For example, a two-year toddler longer perceives rhythm than intonation. He liked poetry, with a clear rhythmic pattern, rhymes, songs, poems game involving clapping and stamping of feet. Tiny three to five years longer important intonation. If several characters in the poem, try to speak in different voices to captivate children. For young children is important and emotional side of the poem - you can read the verse with, as you might think, unnecessary pathos, drama and excitement, but the baby is necessary, because it must also learn how to intone.

Step 3:

But the situation is different with older children - preschoolers and younger students. They are unnecessary, exaggerated intonation to anything, otherwise it will affect the future of their own reading style. But with children, you can teach the child to accompany your reading body language to make it more emotional.

Step 4:

Discuss with the children read. Ask what was the poem, help the child to understand the text, consider the illustration. Very often it turns out that even the grown up child is not capable of even quite simply to explain what had just been read to them the text. Such skills must be developed from an early age.

Step 5:

Teach children their favorite poems. This activity is great develops memory, in addition, the child will always be a margin of poems that he will be able to tell in kindergarten, school or just friends and relatives.