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How to recognize a child indigo

Clairvoyant Nancy Ann Tappe claimed that in the late 70-ies of the last century, children were born with an indigo aura. It is unusual not only the color of their aura, but also the ability and character traits. How do you know this child?

How to recognize a child indigo

Instruction in how to recognize the Indigo Child

Step 1:

Determine the level of intelligence and creativity of the child: Does he often gives non-standard solutions to problems, unconventional thinking, doing something wrong, like everyone else. These children are able to solve quite complex problems. And they all have their own opinion.

Step 2:

Pay attention to what is considered to be children's fantasies. If the child shares with you the amazing stories of other worlds, planets, arguing that this is not fiction, and the truth, tells us about his past lives, angels, the mysteries of the universe, then in front of you most likely a child indigo.

Step 3:

Consider the child's relationship with peers. As a rule, children indigo converge poorly with children his own age. Indigo is almost always asocial. They have increased self-esteem and they will not accept any restrictions. Besides indigo child is prone to philosophical arguments, not typical of his age and because he is not interested in children or in the kindergarten or at school.

Step 4:

Look closely at the relationship of the child with nature and animals. Indigo Children often talk to the trees, pets and claim that they hear.

Step 5:

Show the doctor the child, especially if the child is out of control, is not able to focus on a certain class, easily distracted, never completing the job. Indigo children are often diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, caused by hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and vice versa (children with this diagnosis called indigo children, even if they no longer have any other characteristic of the Indigo traits).

Step 6:

Consult a psychologist who will conduct the tests and be able to more accurately determine what caused the non-standard behavior of the child. Parents often wishful thinking. The specialist will determine the level of intellectual development of the child, whether the child's age or level is much higher than it.

Step 7:

Refer to a psychic, able to see the aura. It is believed that the child-indigo aura of deep blue-violet color, t. E. Indigo. Find out what color the aura of your child.