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How to reduce lactation

Reducing the amount of breast milk may be a necessary measure at the end of lactation on an emergency basis or when the child refuses the breast. Unclaimed servings of milk can cause pain and discomfort in the chest.

How to reduce lactation

Instruction how to lower lactation

Step 1:

The primary method of reducing lactation - reducing the number of attachment. The tide of milk depends on the actions of self-regulation mechanism of lactation, which "delivers" the amount of milk, which was drunk during the previous day. To reduce the number of attachment should be gradually - first cancel one day feeding, replacing it with one dish foods. The last night of feeding clean that support lactation. The proposed feeding baby food should contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. It is not necessary to increase the number of breast pumps, you need to empty the breast to facilitate small state.

Step 2:

The old way of contributing to the cessation of milk production, is the war chest. Ice packs on the chest, which should be done periodically, contribute to a narrowing of the milk ducts and decrease lactation. If the chest is filled with strong, it will help a poultice of herbal infusions (parsley, chamomile) warms compresses camphor oil.

Step 3:

Some herbs have properties to suspend the production of milk. Cook-boiling water mint leaves and sage is good for its calming effect, strengthen the nervous system and regulate the secretory function. Hop cones, together with the leaves of a walnut can brew and drink after eating half a cup.

Step 4:

Completing the process of breastfeeding, mom should monitor the amount of fluid consumed and its composition. It is necessary to take time off from the warm and hearty drink, milk, hot tea.

Step 5:

If necessary, emergency weaning can contact your gynecologist who will prescribe medication, stopping lactation. In such cases, the process can occur acutely, with fever and significant deterioration of the general condition. Continuous monitoring the status chest, and in case of sealing and inflamed areas should see a doctor.