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How to register a child in a civil marriage

If the parents are not officially registered marriage, for the registration of birth of the baby, they should come to the registrar together. In this procedure, unlike the situation when there is a marriage certificate, and enough of the visit to the registrar of any of the parents of this document.

How to register a child in a civil marriage

You will need:

- a medical certificate from the hospital or other document confirming the fact of birth (a certificate from a doctor, who took birth outside of the hospital, or the witness statement - certified by a notary or made in person registration); - The personal presence of both parents; - Passports of both parents.

Instruction how to register a child in a civil marriage

Step 1:

Get medical birth certificate. If he was born in the hospital, the mother will help discharge. If the birth took place outside of specialized medical facilities, such as at home, but they involved a doctor, ask him to issue a medical certificate of birth.

Step 2:

Take care of the presence of at least one witness, if the birth took place outside the hospital and without the participation of a physician. Use the services of a notary, if the witness will not be able to visit with you and the registrar to make an oral statement there. Notary reassure his signature under the statement, confirming the fact of birth.

Step 3:

Visit during working hours registry office. This may be a district registry office in the location of the hospital (or the service address where the child was born), the place of residence of any of the parents or grand palace birth registration, if available in your area. Do not forget to document confirming the birth of the baby (the medical birth certificate or witness statement), and their passports.

Step 4:

Fill in the documents that are available in the registry office. They will need to make your personal data of parents and the child's name. Since you are not a member status, families, you are different. Baby you can write on any, as agreed between them. Certificate of paternity workers registrar will issue on the spot.

Step 5:

Do not forget to bring in workers registrar reference for calculating benefits. Leave it at the place of work of the parent, who will draw up manuals, or if both do not work - the management of social protection at the place of residence of one of them. If local laws in your area additional social benefits provided to newborns (eg, in Moscow, is the payment of compensation in connection with the birth of a child), the registrar certificates may be greater: to give and to work, and in the management of social security.