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How to register child in the apartment

This man is still so small - but it is already a full member of your family and a citizen of the Russian Federation. The child first documents will be available soon. In addition, it must be registered to any living space. How to do it?

How to register child in the apartment

You will need:

Help from the hospital, a birth certificate, parents' passports, certificate of dispensation (EIRTS) statement.

Instruction how to register child in the apartment

Step 1:

First of all, parents should receive the crumbs of a birth certificate. To do this, mom or dad with the passports of the two parents and a certificate from the hospital should go to the nearest registry office department. However, this is not yet sufficient for registration in the apartment. At the local police station on the birth certificate must be stamped with the indication of nationality and passports of parents of the child to enter the data. To this end, respectively, need the parents' passports (originals and copies, including the pages with the data on registration of each) and birth certificate (as the original and copy).

Step 2:

Then Mom and Dad need to decide where to register the child. Spouses who live together but in different apartments prescription, is not uncommon (eg, the husband is registered in the apartment where the family lived, and his wife is registered at her parents). Most often, the baby's father is registered at the place of residence. In this case, you will need a certificate from the housing management or EIRTS (common information and billing center), to which the housing wife. FAQ confirms that the child is not registered with his mother.

Step 3:

Birth certificate stamped with the seal and certificate of non-registration should include in their dispensation or EIRTS the area. In addition to evidence of the child's birth certificate mom and dad should be given in the dispensation of the passport and the house register. Sometimes also recommended to bring a receipt for payment of utility services in the last month. Already in the dispensation of the need to write an application for a residence permit kid.