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How to register during pregnancy is not the place of residence

No matter, whether you live on a residence permit or rent an apartment in a strange city, antenatal clinics should put you on account of pregnancy and maintain free of charge. That's just not always want to apply to those medical institutions, which include the place of residence. But it is possible to register for pregnancy in selected medical institution.

How to register during pregnancy is not the place of residence

You will need:

- passport; - Insurance; - Money (when referring to commercial health centers).

Instruction how to register during pregnancy is not the place of residence

Step 1:

In order for you to have assigned to a particular woman's advice, it is necessary to write a statement to the chief doctor's name or head data of the medical institution. The application you'll need to attach copies of some documents. The first is, of course, a copy of the insurance policy issued to you at the place of residence, a copy of the passport (pages with photo and registration) and a copy of the temporary registration. Some health care providers are asked to submit a copy of the marriage certificate and medical documents confirming the pregnancy.

Step 2:

In that case, if you do not have a residence permit, you can replace it with a copy of the lease of the apartment in which you currently reside, or a copy of the passport owner rented apartment, if the lease has not been signed. After coming permission to attach, exchange map and written directions on analyzes will be opened at the front desk. If you are not satisfied with your assigned an obstetrician-gynecologist, you can change it to any other, working in the women's clinic

Step 3:

Watch for possible pregnancy and commercial medical centers. However, be sure to find out beforehand if they have your chosen medical institutions authorized to issue exchange cards. Remember that if it is not in your hands at admission to the hospital, you will be able to take only observational station, where there are women with various diseases and unexplored patient. Ask also be issued if you are interested in the medical center sheets disability and maternity leave.

Step 4:

Become registration of pregnancy, you can in one of the health centers, working with hospitals. Their main advantage lies in the fact that the conduct pregnancy and childbirth is the same obstetrician. To register in the last two cases, you will need to provide a copy of your passport and insurance policy.