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How to register in the children's clinic

Having a baby - one of the most significant events in the life of the family. The first smile, first tooth and first words - all of this to come. But the baby needs to be protected, and not just the parents: up to a year my mother with the baby should come to the reception to the local pediatrician every month. The doctor monitors the physical condition of the child and with the appearance of even small suspected developmental disabilities gives referral to the profile expert. However, the procedure of registration in the children's clinic begins even before birth.

How to register in the children's clinic

Instruction how to register with the children's clinic

Step 1:

Meet with the district pediatrician you should still in the process of pregnancy. Gynecologist from whom you are registered, ask you to bring a certificate stating that you have been in the children's clinic and got registered. This certificate will give you a pediatrician from the children's clinic, when you are already on the big stage of pregnancy, usually in 7-8 months.

Step 2:

After the baby is born, the hospital received a telegram from the children's clinic at your place of actual residence. Therefore it is very important for admission to the hospital to call your place of actual residence, for many it is not the same as the reception area. At 3-5 days after your discharge local pediatrician himself will come to your home to inspect the baby, it also tells the date of your first visit to the children's clinic and the time of the study. Later, during the first month, once per week to your house will be coming district nurse, observe the development of child care and conditions.

Step 3:

The first visit to the children's clinic will happen when your baby turns a month. At the reception to the pediatrician, you will need to bring a birth certificate and the child card exchange - these documents you must give at discharge from the hospital. Also, you will be asked from the child's birth certificate and medical insurance policies. Since that time, if the development is on schedule, you will have to come to the routine inspection of the child every month.

Step 4:

If due to circumstances you will have to change their place of residence, it is necessary to notify the primary care pediatrician. He will give you the hands on the child's card with a corresponding mark on the drop-out, an absentee ballot, and, if the baby was not yet six months - the second part of the coupon generic certificate. All these documents, together with a birth certificate and the child's health care policy, you will need to provide primary care pediatrician to the children's clinic, in which the plan to be registered, as you will be asked to write a statement to the chief doctor of the name of its intention to be served in this clinic.