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How to remember the child figures

After the baby has learned to count at least 10, you can start to teach memorization of numbers. Independently deal with numbers kid unlikely, so he will need adult assistance.

How to remember the child figures

Instruction how to remember the child figures

Step 1:

Imagine each number in the form of pictures with the image of an object or an animal, for example, draw a deuce in the form of a swan, as the eight points. guys often confused figures similar to each other, such as 3 and 8, 4 and 7. And with these images it will be easier to make the correspondence between the audio and visual way the numbers.

Step 2:

Pick children's poems, puzzles and coloring books with numbers. Purchase educational learning toys. Repeat learned the numbers in any free time. For example, at the time of dressing. Have the child lie on your stomach, and you draw on his back figure finger. The kid must guess what you figure portrayed.

Step 3:

Invent a variety of games to captivate baby. For example, draw on paper the numbers 1 to 9 and separate drawings, similar to the figures. Ask your kid to find a match between the image and the picture numbers.

Step 4:

Pick picture, where, together with objects or animals are depicted figures. Let the kid will carefully consider the image and name, which figures it depicts. Then, to complicate the task - even for the same question to answer baby with closed eyes. Draw on paper a few numbers, such as 1, 3, 5, 8. Encourage your child to name the missing numbers in the picture.

Step 5:

Will cut the figures out of cardboard. Let the kid with closed eyes on the touch determines which figure in his hands. Then cut each number into two parts and ask the child to recover every graphic image figures. When the baby will easily cope with this task, cut cardboard figures 3, 5, 6 pieces.

Step 6:

Do not press on the child, be patient and do not be angry if the baby can not immediately remember the simple stuff on your mind. Explaining the significance of numbers, draw funny pictures on plain paper. So you will be able to interest your child, and thereby speed up the memorization process.