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How to remove a tooth child

If you need to remove a tooth child, and visit the doctor there is no opportunity, do it yourself. However, we must be very careful not to hurt the gums and do not frighten the child. You also need to implement all the recommendations after tooth extraction.

How to remove a tooth child

Instruction how to remove baby teeth

Step 1:

If the change of milk teeth proceeds without any complications, medical services you do not need. You just need to shake the baby tooth itself, until it falls.

Step 2:

If, after the loss of the tooth gums began to bleed, you need to make wool with a special disinfectant solution. During this period, you need to carefully and gently handle the teeth.

Step 3:

It is good when the child is calm. And when he sees and hysteria, then what to do? This is the most common problem. Everything depends on the attitude of the parents. If the child does not subside, try to show him an example to the other children what they are great at his age, and behave calmly. You can promise the child to fulfill his desire, but instead he has to visit the dentist.

Step 4:

If there is pain, it is not necessary to try to remove the tooth itself. It is necessary to visit a specialist clinic. He will make anesthesia and carry out the necessary procedures.

Step 5:

Stages of operation of tooth extraction in the clinic: - otseparovka tissue near the gingival margin; - Forceps (beyond the equator of the tooth); - Closure of the forceps; - Side or circular motion of the tooth and its complete liberation from the tooth ligament. Beware, because it can occur a fracture of the tooth root at sharp movements; - The removal of a tooth from the socket; - Convergence of the edges of the hole with your fingers under the ball; - Suitable for the formation of a blood clot in the tooth hole (about 10-15 minutes), the patient should not leave a tampon in his mouth and his nadkusyvat; - You need to tell parents all necessary appointments and recommendations. Complete healing of the wells after the removal occurs after seven to nine days.