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How to remove fat from the meat dishes for children

Fat - absolutely undesirable component in the children's menu. Digestion kids can not cope with fatty foods. And adults, concerned about their health, trying to prepare diet meals. Animal fat is not only difficult to digest, yet it contains various toxins and antibiotics that the animal body is unable to withdraw.

How to remove fat from the meat dishes for children

If you want to get rid of fat in minced meat, then the easiest way - steamed in multivarka. In this case all undesired heated with meat.

For example, here is a recipe for dietary cutlets steam: the pulp soaked in milk white bread, sliced ​​onions. Mix ground beef with milk and bread, add onions and salt and grind blender. We form small patties with wet hands and lay on the rack for steaming. Cook about 40 minutes will take all the fat from the meat into the water.

The child's diet must be bone broths. But many moms do not cook them, for fear that it is too fatty foods for the baby. However, there is a very easy way to remove fat from the broth. Then get soup diet, but hearty and tasty.

Cook the bones in the broth better in the evening. Then put the pan on the box or in another cool place, and can be in the refrigerator. In the morning all the fat frozen crust. Then the broth just have to strain through a sieve. It will linger all small fragments of bones and frozen fat. Then the child will fill soup. For example, add the following ingredients in the soup: potatoes, noodles, carrots, corn, dill and sorrel, onions.

These simple way to help a young mother preparing her child dietary soups and meat without the animal fat.