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How to remove the child sulfuric plug

Cerumen impaction can be formed in a child due to falling into the ear of dust, blockage of the ear canal, swelling and sticking it after interaction with water. Is it possible to manually remove the sulfuric cork child?

How to remove the child sulfuric plug

Instruction how to remove the child sulfuric plug

Step 1:

Cerumen impaction can be asymptomatic for a long time and do not disturb the child. And sometimes, in contact with water, it swells, and you begin to notice how your baby shows anxiety, fingers trying to get the ear, often worsens his hearing. At the first of these symptoms contact your children's ENT specialist.

Step 2:

Cerumen a child in any case can not try to get a sharp object. Do not use for this purpose needles and pins, do not use matches or sharp tweezers. You can injure the child or to push further into sulfur. Cork will apply pressure on the eardrum, bring pain to the child and then there will have to call an ambulance.

Step 3:

If cerumen impaction can be seen well, take a warm hot-water bottle, wrap a soft towel and place a child that warm eye on minute 20. If the sulfur is fresh, it will gradually soften and flow out of the eye. Remove it remains of a cotton swab dipped in the alcohol solution of boric acid. If the edge of the eye looks dried cerumen, such warming will not help, it is better to contact the clinic.

Step 4:

If the child is older than two years, then to remove cerumen using drops A-cerumen, which are sold in a pharmacy. They contain surfactants which do not increase the surface tension. Getting into the cerumen, drops dissolved it, preventing swelling. They are safe and do not cause irritation of mucous membranes. Carefully drip a few drops in the ear, pre-warmed their hands to body temperature. Hold for a couple of minutes. Then the remains of cerumen rinse boric acid solution. To completely remove the plug procedure is carried out twice a day for 3 or 5 days. This preparation is significantly more effective oil droplets, parents are often used in such cases.

Step 5:

When using the drops, do not insert the tip too deeply into the ear canal of the vial. A cerumen use only if the child is not allergic, hypersensitivity, membrane perforation or otitis. In these diseases, contact your doctor.