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How to remove the crust color

Quite often in infants scalp crust formed light yellow color. It does not cause inconvenience to the kid and not dangerous to health, but it does not look pretty attractive, so many parents are trying as quickly as possible to get rid of it.

How to remove the crust color

You will need:

-vegetable oil; -soft brush.

Instruction how to remove rind color

Step 1:

As a rule, the crust in a baby's head appears immediately after birth, and sometimes even later - in the range of 3 to 6 months of baby's life. Experts still have not figured out the reasons for its occurrence. Some believe that this is a consequence of allergic reactions to milk protein, while others are of the opinion that the appearance of brown color baby blame maternal hormones that were in the body of the child during pregnancy.

Step 2:

In no case do not scrape or peeling off the crust with the baby's head with your fingers. By doing this you risk damaging the delicate skin of the head and open the gates to various infections. Do it carefully and slowly.

Step 3:

Moisten a cotton swab in the ordinary or special children's vegetable oil. Apply liberally to the skin of the child's head. Put a cap and leave the oil for 5-6 hours. This procedure can be carried out in the bath while bathing the child. Under the influence of warm air and melted butter is better absorbed in the crust, and it will be even better facilitate its easy removal from the child's head.

Step 4:

When the oil is absorbed, with a soft brush, gently begin to remove the crust. Comb it should be in the direction of hair growth. If at first you are unable to completely remove the scales, repeat the procedure, but do not force them to tear off, otherwise you will cause the baby bleeding scratches on his head.

Step 5:

Wash your hair baby shampoo and once again try to carefully remove the crust brush. Repeat the procedure until the complete disappearance of the crust with the child's head.

Step 6:

If the crust is very difficult to comb and oil after a few treatments she does not want to keep up with the scalp or appears again, consult your child's pediatrician. There may be other causes of its appearance, that need to be addressed.