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How to remove the snot child

Runny nose in a young child - a torment not only to the kid, but his mom and all others. This attack does not give the baby to sleep peacefully and not slept a child brings to life a lot of problems. In addition, due to the common cold, there may be more, and cough and then life is not exactly seem like paradise.

How to remove the snot child

Instruction how to remove snot child

Step 1:

Get rid of this disaster is not easy, but possible. Vysmarkivat nose kids usually either can not or do not want. But you must. If you do not difficult at night to suck the snot mouth, but do not overdo it. You can also suck the nasty mass with a small pear, the main thing - do not hurt at this delicate little nose. And after the procedure drip breast milk, if any. If not, then saline Since this is the most simple means, available every hour to drip even floor pipette into each nostril, it can not overdose.

Step 2:

Babe six months older can be instilled into the nose juice of Kalanchoe, after which they begin to sneeze, and all the trouble with the fly. It can also be used diluted beet juice, or killer means of a mixture in equal parts of onion juice, water and vegetable oil. In between nasal instillation, you can lubricate the mucous aloe juice. Just good mud baths. Use herbs: calendula, birch leaves, yarrow and sage, in equal parts. On large bath should be 50g. mixture, and baby bath 25gr. In the bath pour the broth, which had previously been necessary to insist 2:00 in a thermos. Take a bath with a water temperature of at least 36-37 degrees must be at least 20 minutes, within 5-10 days.

Step 3:

A good effect is given warming ointments and tinctures which scrubbed heels, sides of the nose and sinus. And these include calendula ointment, and St. John's wort, Dr. IOM and Pulmeks-baby - only heels and Tie area. Aromatherapy is also bearing fruit Use Tui oil 1-2 drops to a small posudinku with boiling water, which should be put in a room where there is a child. Tea tree oil can be used only after six months, it was dropped 1 drop on the pillow before going to sleep.