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How to remove warts in a child

If your child has warts - do not worry, they usually disappear on their own within 12-18 months. However, when they began to increase in size or bleed, be sure to contact your dermatologist. Remove warts, you can at home, but in some cases it is better to resort to one of the treatment methods recommended by dermatologists (cryotherapy, laser therapy or surgical removal).

How to remove warts in a child

You will need:

-ointments; -plastyri (drives); -lekarstvennye plants.

Instruction how to remove warts in a child

Step 1:

Use to remove warts in children special ointments. Apply the ointment on the wart for the entire course of treatment, but not more than two consecutive months one way. In that case, if the wart does not disappear, but on the contrary, begin to inflame - treatment immediately stop and consult a specialist. Most likely, the agent for the treatment was incorrectly selected or whether the child is allergic to it.

Step 2:

Use patches (drives), one side of which is impregnated with salicylic acid. They are sold in almost all drugstores. Take the patch (drive) and cut a circle out of it the desired shape, which will completely cover the wart, and attach it to its apex. This method of treatment is best suited for active children, constantly in motion.

Step 3:

In the event that conventional techniques do not give the desired effect, the physician can suggest remove warts using cryotherapy, laser therapy, or surgery. Each of these methods has its pluses and minuses, so to carry out the procedure of removal of warts you should only in hospitals under the supervision of dermakosmetologa. The first two methods are almost painless and leave no scars when done correctly, is a surgical operation is always carried out with anesthesia that takes the child discomfort, so it is likely in the case of recurrence of warts is to hide from parents, fear of repeating the procedure.

Step 4:

In addition to traditional methods of treatment of warts in children, can resort to folk remedies: for example, apply twice a day on the wart juice freshly picked celandine as long as it does not go away, or a bandage with good mashed leaves of Kalanchoe for a week, changing on its fresh daily. Be sure to consult with your doctor before using folk remedies.