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How to restore the child immunity

In modern times, many preschool children have a weak immune system. Only regular performance of a set of measures aimed at restoring immunity, can make the baby healthy and strong. This process is quite long, so you need to be patient and proceed.

How to restore the child immunity

Instruction how to restore the child immunity

Step 1:

First of all take away often ill child to the doctor, who can determine the cause of reduced immunity. To do this, he will direct you to the necessary tests and examination by specialists: otolaryngologist, dentist, gastroenterologist and immunologist.

Step 2:

Then you need to normalize the child's bowels. In a healthy baby in the gut immune cells present operating immunogenic function. To gut the child to function properly, enter into his diet dairy products, foods rich in fiber. In addition, provide your child drinking a lot of fluids. In the presence of dysbiosis a baby doctor will receive appropriate medications that can make up for missing the presence of bacteria. Positive effect on intestinal function has a broth oats, which you can cook and at home. To do this, take 100 grams of raw oats, rinse, fill 10-12 hours 1.5 liters of purified water, then boil on low heat for 1.5 hours, cool and strain. Children from 6 months to 1 year should be given 1 teaspoon of decoction, 1 to 2 years - 1 tablespoon, 2 to 5 years - 2 tablespoons, after 5 years - half a cup a day. The shelf life of the broth - 1 knock in the refrigerator.

Step 3:

To restore the immunity of the child is required to revise its food ration. Include the foods that contain large amounts of antioxidants (ascorbic acid, vitamin E, beta - carotene, selenium, copper, and some others). This may be cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, vegetable oils.

Step 4:

Do not forget that the baby grew up healthy, it needs exercise. Therefore, from birth to systematically do massage and exercises your child. When he will grow up, teach him to do exercises. Also, try to spend more time with the baby in the fresh air. Superbly enhance immunity swimming and outdoor games.

Step 5:

Restoration of immunity and promotes acceptance of herbal medicines. For example, the tinctures of Echinacea purpurea, Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, Schisandra chinensis and so on. Decide with the medicine you will be able to help the doctor.