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How to restore the health of the child after antibiotics

Treatment of infectious diseases in children sometimes requires the use of antibiotics. But, acting on pathogenic bacteria, they violate the ratio of beneficial and harmful microorganisms. As a result of developing dysbiosis. It interferes with the normal digestion of food and develop their own protective substances. The result of these changes are a decrease in immunity, frequent colds, poor weight gain, vitamin deficiencies and other problems. That is why the body of the child must be restored after antibiotics.

How to restore the health of the child after antibiotics

You will need:

- children's vitamins, lecithin; - "Bifidumbacterin" in dry or liquid form, "Lactobacterin" "Floradofilus" "Bifiform" food additive "Fervital" "Inulin" BioGaia ".

Instruction how to restore the health of the child after antibiotics

Step 1:

If possible, treat goiter in a child under the supervision of a doctor, because the normal microflora is necessary to restore the consistent use of drugs, first bacteriophage oppressive pathogenic flora, and only then contain beneficial bacteria. Moreover, their dosage will depend on the degree of dysbacteriosis and it can be determined only after laboratory testing.

Step 2:

The most common drugs to restore the intestinal microflora are "Bifidumbacterin in dry or liquid form," Lactobacterin "Floradofilus" Bifiform, food additive "Fervital" Inulin, BioGaia. They may well be to purchase and without purpose, but in self-application is necessary to consider the need for simultaneous and other methods of treatment of dysbiosis.

Step 3:

To restore the child's body after antibiotic, pay great attention to nutrition, while the shares, in the gut of useful bifidobacteria and lactobacilli will be much more successful. 3 months exclude from your diet foods that contain dyes, flavorings, stabilizers, substitutes taste and smell - it is all the candy, gum, chips, crackers, yogurt, packaged juices and sodas. In addition, do not let the fresh yeast bread, sugar, pasta.

Step 4:

Compose a menu of salads and vegetable stew, boiled beef, fish, liver, crackers, cereals (except semolina), fruit. Be sure to let us for breakfast cheese, corn flakes, and at night - yogurt or Bifilife. Rather, use of sugar for sweetening honey, provided that it is not allergic. In order to maintain their own bacteria, give your child a natural apple juice or cranberry juice.

Step 5:

The treatment of bacterial dysbiosis drugs spend in vitamin therapy for 1.5-2 months. It must necessarily include vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, D - a prophylactic dose and A, E - in the treatment (twice) dose, as well as calcium and selenium.

Step 6:

To improve liver function by neutralizing the toxic and chemical substances, as well as the normal formation of red blood cells let the baby lecithin. In addition to strengthening effect it contributes also the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Dosage and dosage, age-appropriate, and understand the instructions for use.

Step 7:

Treatment of dysbiosis in children requires a long time, and the result depends on the regularity, and most importantly the right approach. That is why restoring the intestinal microflora is best prescribed by a doctor. This is especially important to observe in children early age. For their rapidly growing and developing the body's self can be dangerous to health.