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How to return breastfeeding

Food - one of the most important aspects of child development. It was at the age of grudnichkovom baby is growing faster than in any other period of his life, and therefore in need of a high quality product - breast milk. Unfortunately, some mothers can not feed her milk crumb due to low lactation, and sometimes due to its complete cessation. But, if you really want, you can return to breastfeeding, thus providing adequate nutrition.

How to return breastfeeding

Instruction how to get breastfeeding

Step 1:

Process relactation (reconstituted milk) lasts more than one day, so you need to be patient. If you really want to re-feed your baby breast, first of all, you need to know and remember that you can do it.

Step 2:

Always apply the baby to the breast. To the level of the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for the production of milk has increased, it is necessary to the child as often as possible and productive to breastfeed. Make sure that the baby grasped the nipple properly, otherwise your efforts will not bring results.

Step 3:

If the milk appeared, but in insufficient quantities, try to express it, even a little. After all, the greater the demand, the higher offer. This means that your body will know about the lack of milk and will develop it more.

Step 4:

To the milk was more and breastfeeding quickly established itself mother also should not forget the fully fed. We must carefully monitor their diet. Meals should be balanced, high-calorie, contain only the useful elements.

Step 5:

Drink plenty of fluids. Make it a rule for 10-15 minutes before feeding to drink a cup of warm tea with milk. You can drink even during the feeding session, it will not harm any child or you.

Step 6:

It is known that when a woman is anxious or worried, lactation can dramatically decrease. As a result of the negative factors affecting the mother and badly affect on the child. Therefore, those moms who want to without interference to breastfeed their babies, are obliged to sleep, not to overwork and worry.

Step 7:

Wear comfortable underwear. From what kind of bra you choose depends very much. For example, a tight bra can compress the breast, thereby pinching the duct, in which the milk is produced. Underwear should correspond to your size and keep fit well.

Step 8:

Increase milk production will help some drugs that are dispensed strictly on prescription. Among such drugs: apilak (dried bee jelly) mlekoin, nicotinic acid and glutamic.

Step 9:

To resume breastfeeding mom will approach the use of powdered infant formula for nursing women. They contain a sufficiently large number of easily digestible protein, complex elements, trace elements, carotene and taurine.

Step 10:

And, finally, the production of breast milk may increase the plants such as dill, Marin root, clover, nettle, anise, fennel, oregano, cumin, walnuts, carrots.