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How to return lactation

Very often there are situations when the mother and the baby rib forced to be separated for some time, for various reasons. During the separation, while the baby gets used to an artificial feeding, and a mother's milk is no longer produced. But after the reunification with the child mother again he wants to transfer the baby to the breast-feeding. In such cases it is necessary to restore normal lactation.

How to return lactation

Instruction how to return lactation

Step 1:

If the mother was determined to restore lactation, it will have a lot of patience, time and a few adaptations: breast pump, a soft spoon to allow supplementation of the child and sling.

Step 2:

First we need to restore a warm contact with the baby. To do this, arrange carrying a baby in her arms and co-sleeping. Even if the earlier a child sleeping in a separate bed, to restore lactation is necessary to shift him to sleep next to her mother. To make it easier to carry the baby in her arms, come to the aid of a convenient tool like a sling. Very useful tactile stimulation, which is achieved by the touch of skin baby to her mother's skin.

Step 3:

To the kid was used to his mother and to fully felt the contact with it, it is necessary that all the time while recovering lactation, the child looked after only by his mother.

Step 4:

As soon as the baby gets used to his mother, and will be quiet in her arms many times. What you need, you can move on. Now you need to change the process for the preparation of food, which has become familiar to the child. It is necessary to remove the bottle and feed your baby soft spoon.

Step 5:

During feeding the baby should be in a calm state, the process of feeding spoon held successfully. Motion sickness, the noise of a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner also acts on the child comforting. You may need to have patience, because the habitual way of life is crumbling kid - he seized the bottle and forced to eat from a spoon. And it's a real stress for the child.

Step 6:

Now you can start to offer crumbs chest. To help your child, you can spread a mixture nipple for feeding. First let the kid just grab the nipple with his lips and made a few sucking movements. You can try to put her baby in her mouth during the night. Suppose that for a start, he simply gets used to the feeling of the breast in his mouth. Thus the mother will help awaken the natural desire to breastfeed the baby.

Step 7:

However, you need to stimulate milk production. To do this, you need to express your breast every three hours. For convenience, better to use an electric breast pump. In addition to racking need to make money, increase lactation. For example, you can use the infusion of anise, caraway cream or nut milk.

Step 8:

Before feed the baby with a mixture, you need to offer him the breast. Thus, we can safely return the child to breastfeeding.