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How to return the baby to the breast

There are times when my mother forced to give up breastfeeding because the child is sick and is far from it. Or the woman herself have to use medication incompatible with lactation. Long break in feeding usually leads to the extinction of this important function. But the child can return to his chest, even after a long time.

How to return the baby to the breast

You will need:

- lactation tea; - Auxiliary feeding system; - Sling.

Instruction how to return the baby to the breast

Step 1:

To return to lactation and the baby to the breast, are necessary private applying. But the kid, accustomed to the slight sucking from a bottle, quickly forgets what mother's milk. In no case can not be forced to force the baby to take the breast. This can only cause a backlash and hurt achieve the desired result. It is best to offer the breast at night, sleepy baby better respond to such innovation.

Step 2:

If the child has agreed to at least sometimes suckle - half the work is already done. Now you need to return the milk or maximize its quantity. First buy lactation teas and drink plenty of fluids. Chest, even if no milk, it is necessary to pump every 2 hours, about 20 minutes. This will signal your body that you want to resume lactation.

Step 3:

To the baby to suckle actively, should be excluded from the subjects of his articles pacifiers and bottles. But since the milk has no or insufficient, it is necessary to continue to feed him formula milk adapted. You can use the optional feeding system. This kind of container which is filled with baby food. From him depart tubes, which are attached to the nipples. Such a diet mimics the suckling from the breast. The mixture does not flow itself, it is necessary to produce, and at this time the breast is stimulated, resulting in milk production.

Step 4:

To increase the amount of milk you need to always be close to your baby. Ask your loved ones so that they temporarily housework for you. And you have as much as you can be with your child. Very important contact skin - the skin. To do this, place the child in a diaper and wear the least clothes. On the walk is better to go with a sling, in this case, the contact will not be disturbed. It is possible, imperceptibly, to give the baby the breast.

Step 5:

After appears milk, and the child will actively suckle, try to get rid of artificial feeding. Gradually replace each feeding breast milk. For at least one month, plenty of rest, it helps to establish lactation. Do not offer the child a bottle and a pacifier, so he once again did not give up the breast.