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How to return the milk

Stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition can lead to a decrease in the quantity of milk or its complete disappearance. It is always an unpleasant surprise for the nursing mother, but if you do not give up and do not rush to treat a treasured bottle with the mixture fails to return the milk in most cases.

How to return the milk

You will need:

- breast; - Laktogonny collection.

Instruction how to get milk

Step 1:

First, determine whether you have gone milk or lactation is a temporary crisis, the periodic case, the majority of lactating mothers. In the event of a crisis the amount of milk is reduced but does not disappear completely, just the baby more often applied to the chest. Do not deny him this, limit contact with others and try to spend more time alone with the baby, holding him to her. The crisis usually lasts a few days and he is coming to an end.

Step 2:

When establishing a mature lactating breasts are not filled as the first weeks of baby's life, but the milk in the breast enough - it is produced is not all the time, as well as sucking. This lack of feeling chest filling young mothers often mistaken for the disappearance of milk and introduced supplementation. The child is applied to the breast milk produced less and less. A vicious circle - the smaller the baby sucks, the less milk the mother. Gradually, it almost disappears and the child is fully translated into the mixture, although breastfeeding can continue without compromising the baby for a long time.

Step 3:

If the milk does not, the baby cries and demanding pulls an empty chest, first get yourself together. Stress - one of the main enemies of a nursing mother. Apply baby to the breast as often as he wants it (do not forget about the additional care of the nipples, as long sucking toddler can injure them). Especially important are applying night - offer the breast at the first request, and if he sleeps through the night awake for feeding every 3-4 hours.

Step 4:

Buy at the pharmacy laktogonny special collection, which consists of anise, fennel, nettle. Experts say that the amount of fluid consumed in the amount of milk is not affected, but the entire world moms say the opposite, so drink as much as you want - warm drink is milk flow. Also it can cause a warm shower, a soft and gentle breast massage.

Step 5:

Required tactile contact with the child. Spend time with them as much as possible, wear on hand, including a walk. Relatives explain that you need help and that housework on time will have to entrust the Pope, grandmother or older children.

Step 6:

Get a breast pump and decant. Even if you manage to decant a little bit - that's good. Constant stimulation of the breast will help restore lactation.