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How to rickets in the child

In most cases, rickets developing in the first year of life, and parents need to be aware of the first signs of it, as well as prevention and treatment. This disease occurs when the body in a reduced content of calcium required for bone growth. The reason for this is the lack of vitamin D.

How to rickets in the child

You will need:

- air baths in the sun; - Vitamin D (after consultation with your doctor).

Instruction how to identify a child's rickets

Step 1:

Vitamin D is formed due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It activates calcium absorption in the intestine, its compound and further phosphorus deposition in bones. At deficiency of vitamin D calcium also becomes less than that required of the child organism. Because of this, crumbs bones become soft and can easily be deformed. As a result, the curvature of the legs are observed, the irregular shape of the chest and head, and changes in the pelvis (the girls in the future, it could negatively affect the process of childbirth).

Step 2:

Rickets is often seen in children in the second month of life (premature - before that). The child becomes irritable, sweating a lot, he does not sleep. Perspiration causes itching, especially strong in the neck; baby turns head, which leads to baldness. In advanced cases, the crumbs can grow "rachitic hump" that is associated with a decrease in the tone of the back muscles.

Step 3:

Under the influence of rickets bone growth (especially in the lower limbs) slows down. The baby will keep up with the standards for growth. The proportions of the body can become incorrect.

Step 4:

Pediatrician at the reception might notice a softening of the edges of the fontanelle and occipital bone, as well as the flattening of the skull. The physician should recommend a method of treatment to softening of the bones did not lead to the formation of "groove" at the bottom of the rib cage and the curvature of the legs. O-shaped legs of the deformation for three - four years, usually disappears, but the X-shaped ( "knees knocked together") is often a lifetime.