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How to safely wean baby from the breast

Undoubtedly, breast milk - the perfect food for a baby. But the baby grows and comes time when you need to wean the baby from breastfeeding. For the little man is a special complex stage, so it is important to try to do everything possible so that it was painless for the baby and for the nursing mother.

How to safely wean baby from the breast

Instruction how to safely wean baby from the breast

Step 1:

Focus on the physical and emotional state of her child. All babies are unique, so precise timing of weaning children from the breast does not exist. If your child is able to settle down to sleep without applying to the breast, it is easy to divert from breastfeeding game, it can be assumed that it is the best time to failure of breastfeeding.

Step 2:

Gradually add solid foods. Pediatricians advise from six months to replace one day breastfeeding on a normal diet, then replace the morning and evening feeding. Thus gradually Meet baby with new products and completely abandon the baby from the breast-feeding day. To it went unnoticed by the child, change the place of a meal, do not change clothes in front of the kid.

Step 3:

Begin then wean the child from the night feedings. Here, many mothers are faced with great difficulties, because the lack of chest at night for a baby often becomes stressful. He may start to cry, scream, and to reassure him without the breast is extremely difficult. The first time, distract the child with water, juice, yogurt. Offering the baby bottle with milk instead of breast, mom must be near. A child needs to feel the breath of the mother, hear her heartbeat. A mother's love and attention will help the kid to survive quietly giving up the breast.

Step 4:

Be prepared for the fact that the weaning will be perhaps a serious challenge for most moms. After all, between her and the child appears a kind of border, collapsing a close connection. It is therefore important in this difficult period, my mother and the baby to spend as much time as possible together. Most pat your baby, make him a gentle massage, caress his head, on the back, saying sweet words, pay more attention.

Step 5:

It is necessary to abandon such practices weaning as lubrication nipples mustard, leaving Mom for a while, if you want to ensure that this process took place without possible complications for your baby.