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How to save the child from the hiccups

For children hiccup - a fairly common phenomenon. It can start after regurgitation, at freezing or haste in eating, severe stress or crying. Rid baby hiccups can be a variety of ways. If one does not work, try the other.

How to save the child from the hiccups

You will need:

- warm blanket or clothing; - Spoon, cup or bottle of water; - A piece of dry bread; - Lemon peel; - Spoon of sugar; - Ice cream or popsicles; - Compress or ice.

Instruction how to save the child from the hiccups

Step 1:

To get rid of hiccups baby, try to determine the cause. If it is cold, warm it. Give him a drink - milk or water, and helping some children drink with a spoon, the other - from the bottle, and the third - only the mother's breast. Place your baby on his tummy and pat his back.

Step 2:

After feeding, hold your baby upright, clutching his chest. If he does not sleep, ask someone to distract him a toy to the baby reached. You can tickle him a bit - the diaphragm relaxes and ceases to decrease.

Step 3:

Tiny offer older chew a piece of dry bread, lemon peel and eat a small spoonful of sugar. You can also give a little ice cream or fruit ice.

Step 4:

Apply to the throat something cold compress or ice. Do not keep a long time, the child is not cold. If does not work immediately, try another way.

Step 5:

Suggest your child with his hands clasped in the lock, lift over your head and stretch the whole body. Well, if he will make a quick and deep breath, replacing it slow exhalation. Such a method is very good, if a hiccup caused by excitement or fright.

Step 6:

Close your ears and give the child a drink of water. The older the child, the more opportunities to make this process more efficient - for example, to hold your breath while drinking. Very well it may help if the child leans in this position drink water (this method requires some skill, so drinking very uncomfortable).

Step 7:

Ask your child to take a deep breath and then try to "push" the air in the abdominal area. If your child will be able to thus "breathe stomach," he almost certainly will get rid of hiccups.

Step 8:

If hiccups repeated too often, consult a doctor-neurologist - he will determine the cause and prescribe necessary treatment. However, for some children hiccup several times a day is the norm and eventually goes away.