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How to sculpt out of clay with a child

All children love to sculpt out of clay a variety of figures of animals, fairy tale characters. Modeling develops spatial thinking of the child and gives an idea of ​​the shape of objects. In addition, it promotes hand motor. For classes with the child choose good quality clay. Because too soft clay is difficult to mold. Hard clay is difficult for children to knead by hand. Little kids do not let the clay with fruity scents, so they do not have a desire to try it.

How to sculpt out of clay with a child

You will need:

plasticine, paper.

Instruction how to mold clay with a child

Step 1:

Sculpt of plasticine with a child begins when he will be one and a half or two years old.

Step 2:

Getting started modeling, first teach the baby correctly pinch off pieces of clay.

Step 3:

Show him how to flatten the clay and palm poke a finger into the reservoir.

Step 4:

Now it is the turn to roll the sausage - on the surface of the table and between the palms.

Step 5:

Together with the child knurled palms big balls.

Step 6:

Secure the baby acquired skills and improve your technique of working with clay.

Step 7:

Classes with color. Encourage your child to choose a color from the two proposed.

Step 8:

Choosing a color, begin to knead a piece of plasticine. Child provide the opportunity to stretch their own bar. Then proceed to the modeling.

Step 9:

In the first classes perform simple manipulation - otschipyvanie, balls, sausages, to motivate the kid.

Step 10:

At subsequent sessions complicate the task. Together with the child Prilep pieces of plasticine on board.

Step 11:

To the kid was fun, paint on cardboard Christmas tree and decorate it the balls of plasticine.

Step 12:

Roll the sausage and show your child how to roll it into a ring.

Step 13:

Very interesting for children to make imprints on plasticine. On the rolled cake make imprint of his pens, toys and any subject.

Step 14:

Give your child a plastic dish, he will try to stick round container balls of plasticine. Decorate with beads or other material. We get an interesting vase.


In classes with plasticine can be used, and other material that there is always at home: pasta, buttons, beans, etc.


When working with small objects, make sure that the child does not take them into his mouth.


Your class of modeling clay should not be tedious for the child.


Select a small area where you can lay down their crafts made by the child's hands.


Older children need a separate shelf, where it will be able to keep their job. The child would be happy to show their work to friends and family.