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How to sell children's clothing

When any child is a lot of clothes in good condition, which can be worn. And given the cost of your child's wardrobe, you can try to return a partial value of children's clothes. To do this, they can try to sell.

How to sell children's clothing

Instruction how to sell children's clothing

Step 1:

To start a rigorous audit of children's clothes. Carefully consider each item of clothing. It should be no stains, holes, various defects. There must be on-site all the hardware, operating zippers and fasteners. Things before the sale necessarily wash and otgladte. Do not offer to sell openly old, outmoded things. Or those who have not worn one child and have a corresponding appearance. Such clothing is better to give a friend with children or to offer as a bonus for buying.

Step 2:

The greatest demand in the secondary market of children's clothes outerwear uses well-known manufacturers, for babies things at once a large package. You can offer things individually, and can immediately sell the whole set. This package price will be less than if you sell things separately. But now on sale, you will spend less.

Step 3:

Sell ​​things can be the same mums with children on the playground, in kindergarten or school. We must have the courage to come up with an offer to sell to those mothers whose children younger age than yours. A great place for the sale of children's clothes are sites for parents. The forums have threads with a proposal to purchase and sale of clothing and footwear. For ad placement you need to make high-quality photos of clothes.

Step 4:

On your ad will pay attention, if it is properly composed and informative. Your ad should start with the name of selling things, the size, for whom this thing - for a boy or girl. You can add a season for outerwear. Be sure to specify that the clothes were used, and set the price. All other information should contain a link to a photo. Under the photo, specify the manufacturer, size, and make real measurements. If you sell, for example, trousers, measure the outer side of the belt to the bottom step and the weld size. You can specify how long you wear this thing, it features. Choose a meeting place for the sale and contact information.

Step 5:

An important question in the sale of wearing things - it is their cost. On such things decided to set the price on average 25% of the original cost. You can see similar proposals on the sale and put the price, focusing on them. At the very expensive popular things you can request and 50%, but the clothes of this should really be in excellent condition.