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How to send a child abroad to study

Foreign education provides the person who received it, a great opportunity. This improvement of foreign language skills, and broaden their horizons, and the ability to make useful contacts. Kudos to obtain such education - is also an important factor in determining the choice of many parents for the benefit of such training their children. So how to send your child to study abroad?

How to send a child abroad to study

You will need:

- funds to pay for training; - a computer; - access to the Internet; - Reference books devoted to education abroad.

Instruction how to send a child abroad to study

Step 1:

Weigh their financial capabilities to fund such training. The vast majority of scholarships are intended for students and researchers, and education of the child in secondary school you will have to pay from their own pockets. Money will be needed not only in the payment of tuition fees, but also a residence abroad that are likely to cost more than in Russia.

Step 2:

Select the type of training program. If your child has an insufficient level of foreign language, you should start learning language courses. Also decide the duration of their studies. For children who previously did not leave for a long time with their parents, the departure to another country for a year, the total change of environment can be a major stress. For such a child will approach a short-term program, for example, the summer courses. If both you and the child will arrange everything, training can be extended.

Step 3:

Decide on the country where you want to send the child. If you are interested in the English-language programs, pay attention not only to the US and UK, but also to the less well-known for its tradition of education of the country, such as Australia or Canada. Often there can be found a very interesting program at a lower price.

Step 4:

Find a specific program of study. This can be done by contacting one of the specialized agencies or by finding the program on their own. This can be done via the specialized press or on the websites of schools of interest to you. Also in big cities regularly hosts special exhibitions devoted to schooling abroad, where you can get a lot of useful information. If your city has a cultural center of the country where you are going to send the child refer to - they can also provide services to find training programs.

Step 5:

Record baby on the selected program and pay the required amount. It can be as full or partial payment of the cost obucheniya.Posle do not forget to ask to send you a document confirming the child's entry into school. Keep this document in their child prior to departure.

Step 6:

Settle necessary formalities. Record the child's visa if the child is flying without parents - alone or with accompanying - make a notary permission to leave the child from one or both parents. If the departure of the training coincides with the school year, Settle all formalities at the Russian school - meet with the head teacher, discuss how the child will be credited training this year and how they will be put, and quarter-annual evaluation. If the child goes to study abroad permanently, take the child's documents from the Russian school.