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How to send their children to the nursery

Not every mother can afford to stay home with the baby before he is three years old. In this case, give the baby to the nursery, and it's pretty serious moment in the life of the little man. Close worried how he would feel in an unfamiliar environment, whether it would not be hurt if he does not start to hurt. If you come to the process seriously, the entry into a new world for him to survive the baby get used quickly and easily. But first you need to execute documents.

How to send their children to the nursery

You will need:

- application to the Education Committee; - A medical card; - The passport of one of the parents or legal representatives; - birth certificate.

Instruction how to send their children to the nursery

Step 1:

Find out in the Committee of Education, there is in your area kindergartens, which take in young children. As a rule, it is generally developing gardens or combined form, at least - compensating. In some communities preserved and nurseries as separate children's institutions. Find out also what age to take the kids. Usually, in the manger take a year and a half. Some gardens take children from the year and even the half-year.

Step 2:

Write a statement on the form that you give the inspector on preschool institutions. Attach copies of birth certificates and passports. If there is a document confirming the right to benefit, be sure to grab it with him.

Step 3:

Between the application and obtaining permits usually takes some time. You may have to wait a turn. Maybe in your town or village groups for the following year are formed in the spring. Do not waste your time. As a child of preschool age, month-old baby should undergo a full medical examination. The first show it to your primary care pediatrician, and explain that you need a medical card for the garden. You will have just a few experts on the list, which will immediately in the clinic.

Step 4:

If you have to wait for a ticket, but you already know exactly to what your baby nursery will - start gradually accustom him to the children and teachers. Do it best during a walk. Nobody forbids walking moms with children in nursery areas. Let the kid will get acquainted with the future "classmates" and get used to adults who walk with them. If you have already received a ticket, do not rush immediately to lead the baby to the group. Give your child at least 2-3 days to spend with the children on the street.

Step 5:

Take a ticket to the head. It will guide you first in a medical office, where you give the card. The head nurse will send your kid to a group and include it in the list of food.

Step 6:

Many parents are allowed to be in the manger with the newly enrolled children in the group. It is possible that it is not required on the first day. The kid could be so interesting that he immediately forgets about you. However, not particularly expect that in an hour or two of you, he will not remember. Therefore, leave it on the first day is not more than 2 h. This is usually the morning, when the children gradually gather in a group, do exercises, eat breakfast and do. Then go for a walk mode, you can take a walk with your baby here at the site, and when all the kids will go to a group - take home. Likewise, leave the baby for a few hours a couple of days.

Step 7:

If you see that the child refers calmly to your absence, leave it until lunch. Take before bedtime and place to sleep at home. After a couple of weeks it will be possible to leave the baby in the manger for the whole day. If it is in the morning crying and does not want to part with you, take it easy. This does not mean that he was in the manger hurt or badly treated him. Be sure they are right. Explain to your child that you can not stay with him permanently, but you will very soon come and take him home. Your calm tone sure it will work.