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How to sew a baby slippers

Children - is the source and positive emotions, and constant care. Buy slippers is financially disadvantageous for the kids, but it is necessary. Let's try to make them yourself. For example, consider the pattern size 15 sneakers.

How to sew a baby slippers

You will need:

- Paper patterns; - Different pieces of cloth; - Bias binding; - Thread; - sewing machine.

Instruction how to sew baby slippers

Step 1:

The side of the slippers should be similar to a trapezoid and consist of 2 layers of fabric. The top layer is made of fine, dense matter. Inner layer - soft warm material.

Step 2:

Cut out the pattern paper. Fold the fabric in half, inside out, and put the template on the fabric. Do the same with the second piece of material. Cut a seam allowance of 1 cm. You should get 4 pieces of material. Two - for the right side and two - for the left side of the slipper.

Step 3:

The next part - the tongue. Paper item transfer to the fabric, the same as for the side panels sneaker. Be sure the seam allowances.

Step 4:

Put baby's foot on a piece of paper. Pencil circle foot. Enlarge image on all sides by 1 cm and cut out the pattern of the sole. Place the template on the fabric. Add seam allowances to 1 cm sole should be composed of four layers: a. Dense fabric, padding polyester, denim, leather or leatherette. Get 4 different parts of the tissue. A tightly woven and quilted padding polyester (sew insole length and breadth of the distance between the joints 1-2 cm), then connect the denim piece.

Step 5:

Fold the side of the slipper beautiful cloth inside. Sew in the toe and heel areas. Connect the side parts of the tongue. The seam make the front side, decorate it with bias binding of a suitable color.

Step 6:

Stitched quilted part of the sole (denim outside) to the top of the slipper on the front side with the help of piping. Fold the edge Bakey down prizhivite dressmaker pins. Baste layer leather sole to slipper and sew. In the same way do the slipper on the other foot. Top slippers Mohni decorate fur.