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How to sew a bag child

Backpack allow to bring to normal or cycling essential things without taking up arms. Kid happy nakinet shoulders backpack straps that are adjustable in length. If you perform additional belt loops, the backpack can be mounted on a rack or bicycle handlebars.

How to sew a bag child

You will need:

- Solid dense fabric; - lining fabric; - Thin padding polyester; - Fasteners - hooks; - Textile slings; - Contact strip; - Closure - zipper.

Instruction how to sew baby backpack

Step 1:

Cutting the top of the fabric are two main parts of a backpack, leaving allowances by half a centimeter. The main part is a rectangle with rounded corners in the upper part. On the front of the make or sew applique patch pocket, topstitch detail at the edge.

Step 2:

Calculate the side length of a backpack which is equal to the perimeter of the rectangle lying at the bottom has two parts raskroennyh. Divide the resulting size in half. One half of the side of the bottom of the form, the second half (the upper side part) made up of two parts, between which is enclosing lightning.

Step 3:

At this backpack straps unfastened easily, so you need to make a small pocket for storing straps. Sew it to the bottom of the details. From slings make belt loops, through which the backpack can be hung on the handlebar. The edges of the pieces oplavte on the fire, so as not disbanded fiber. Sew the ends of the belt loops on the segment of the contact tape (Velcro). Belt loops stitched to the back panel of the backpack.

Step 4:

Sew the front of the two parts forming the upper sidewalls backpack zipper. Then fold the fabric, and then baste it close to the edge. The rings are connected with the bottom part top. To the rear of the backpack baste sling is threaded into the frame: two on the sides of the upper part and two - on the sides of the bottom. Between the upper parts sew handle. Sew together the details of the backpack, then turn out on the front side, and defer to the edge.

Step 5:

Otrez prepared quilted synthetic padding lining fabric and sew from it an exact copy of the backpack. In the field of sewing zippers bend allowances on the wrong side and baste. Insert the lining into the bag and place in zipper sewing neatly connect. Defer to the edge of the seam on the front side. The ends of the straps to insert frames carbines and attach them to a backpack.