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How to sew a ball gown for girls

Every girl secretly dreams of becoming a princess, despite the fact that in reality it is impossible to be. However, it can feel yourself in the role of princess, wearing a beautiful ball gown and jewelry. Sew a dress in which the child will be able to dance freely and not feel uncomfortable with this, quite simply, and to cope with this problem every mother.

How to sew a ball gown for girls

You will need:

- flirt for skirts; - Black crepe satin; - Guipure; - Elastic stretch fabric; - Material for the bodice; - Bias binding; - elastic.

Instruction how to sew a ball gown for girls

Step 1:

As a basis for tailoring ballroom dresses use patterns fused leotard. Also, in addition to a swimsuit pattern, you need to flirt skirt, a black crepe satin, lace, elastic stretch fabric, the material for the bodice, bias binding and gum.

Step 2:

Cutting elastic fabric with a reserve on allowance, according to the standards of the pattern swimsuit, and then baste the details manually, and try on the upper part of the dress. Hither apply the pattern again to another material, and carve out another piece of guipure - you apply this detail to the front of "swimsuit."

Step 3:

On the chest lace spread at a stretch, and under the breasts make a small assembly. If necessary, make a dart and then iron them. Sostrochite basic piece swimsuit with guipure part, and then decorate the upper fragment corset dress imitation - it is stitched to the leotard corset belt.

Step 4:

Decorate swimsuit along the line of the back and waist, and then sew back to his gum. As decoration, you can use any improvised material, whether rhinestones, beads and multi-colored ribbons.

Step 5:

Now, when the upper part of the dress is ready, go to the manufacture of the skirt. Please carve out a skirt "double sun" made of elastic fabric, and then the exact same petticoat of crepe-satin. Separately, carve out and stitched yoke to her two skirts. Deal with overlock seam.

Step 6:

Spend fitting dresses to mark the desired length of the skirt front and back, and then take the laces on the corset and a stitched yoke with a skirt sewed to the unitard. supplement skirt decorative cut if necessary. Deal with the junction of the skirt and lace leotard, and then sew along the edge of the hem oblique Bakey, to make a beautiful border.

Step 7:

If desired, fabric remnants, you can also make a nice ring or ribbon with a bow as a bandage on his head, which will complement the image of a little princess.