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How to sew a bumper in the crib

All the young parents know how many things you need to buy in order to baby feel comfortable and cozy. If some things can not be made by hand, which, on the contrary, will please your eyes a lot more if you made them yourself, but do not buy in the store - for instance, soft bumper for the crib. Sew it easy, it will look exactly as you want, but you will not be limited by the choice presented in the store.

How to sew a bumper in the crib

Instruction how to sew a bumper in the crib

Step 1:

Get five meters of fabric width 110-150 cm suitable colors and 2 meters wide, foam rubber 150 cm and a thickness of 1 cm Pick fabric for a bumper made of natural materials -. Suited calico, calico, any cotton batiste and similar materials. Wash the fabric so that it is not subsequently shrink.

Step 2:

Trace the pattern on the fabric of the bumper, measured pre-crib, then sew the details, not sewing up one edge of the foam insert. In the process of stitching details sewn into them prepared in advance of the decorative frill tape.

Step 3:

Foam mark on pieces of the desired size, which should be half a centimeter smaller than your fabric parts. Insert the fabric cover foam items, and then sew the bottom of the bumper on the machine or on the hands.

Step 4:

Sew the outer sides of the bumper ribbons, noting those places which must then be tied to the bed. Usually it is sufficient to make the strings at the corners of the bumper and in the middle of its transverse sides.

Step 5:

Instead, you can use foam to fill bumper sintepon - it is thinner and softer foam and many more convenient to handle. Also you can find some clothing stores calico color with quilted synthetic padding, stitched to the wrong side of it - in this case you only need to take two layers of such sheeting and produce from it bumpers for cots, without using additional filler.