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How to sew a Bun

Fashioned bun is required if such a desire has arisen. With it will be easier to learn new words, tell stories and play different mini performances. And it is very easy to sewing.

How to sew a Bun

Instruction how to sew a Bun

Step 1:

Prepare material. In order to make a Bun, you can use absolutely any material. Suitable and fleece and jersey, and cotton and flannel, as well as bike and plush. The colors also can take absolutely any. It is also interesting to look kolobochek dots or in a cage.

Step 2:

Eyes, nose and mouth Bun future can be made from buttons and beads or embroidered thread floss. For chelochkoy and chupchik perfectly descend yarn or thread, as well as the cords and soft wire. Chupchik or bangs going into a bun and stitched by the middle for fixing. If feminine bun, then top, you can also sew a bow.

Step 3:

Draw a pattern. It is quite simple. two pieces of arms and legs need for the body. Need 2 parts (eyes) of any light color, different from the principal, and even the same 2 parts (the eyes), but dark.

Step 4:

After all items are cut, they must make with the respective halves. This procedure is better to use the loop seam. Unwound halves do not have to end. We wanted to leave a small gap to fill empty inside detalku cotton hollofayber, synthetic padding or any other excipient.

Step 5:

After part of the cross-linked to each other, but the other seam. It is best to approach the secret.

Step 6:

Cheeks rosy do. Embroider freckles or brown crumble and red pencil on paper, mix and apply with a cotton swab on the fabric.