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How to sew a coat for girls

Flared with prisborennoe high collar and cuffs make girlfriends coat small ladies gasp. It fastens with buttons only to the middle, so you can see beautiful lush skirt or dress. To create the effect of a coat sewn edges seamy. Charming coat can make the light of shimmering velvet.

How to sew a coat for girls

You will need:

Panne; 4 large buttons; 2 small buttons; matching colored thread; sewing machine.

Instruction how to sew coats for girls

Step 1:

Remove the measurements using the clothes girls. The length of the back coat for the size 104 - 56 cm (+/- 3 cm for the length of the article changes according to the size).

Step 2:

Cutting 2 middle parts of the shelf, flared at the bottom. On the folds podbortov shelves make the top to the waist line labels for the buttons and loops. Two sides of the shelves do the same flared. The middle part of the backrest make single cut flared. Sleeve length make ¾. The continuation of the sleeve to the middle of the wrist cuff will be (4 parts). At the bottom of the cuff put labels for loops and buttons. Seam and hem 1.5 cm.

Step 3:

Fold the sides of the backrest and shelves wrong side. Run the seams. Cut the seams allowances to 1 cm. Neaten separately on overlock or zigzag manner. Razutyuzhte and scribbled along overlozhnogo / zigzag stitch. Likewise, connect the side and shoulder seams.

Step 4:

Trim the seam allowance on the bottom, cut or neaten on overlock sewing machine - zigzag. Also Neaten sections podbortov single cut, sew to hem coat. Shoulder cuts podbortov scribbled in the shoulder seams on the outside.

Step 5:

Collar fold the face inward. Stachivaya longitudinal sections leave open 8 cm for eversion. Fold the collar so that the seam is passed through the middle of the bottom halves of the collar. Stitch short sections at the ends. Remove the collar and sew the hole. Prisborte collar on both sides of the seam to the length of the neck cut. Allowance cut off and neaten. Sew collar.

Step 6:

Run seams sleeves, like the seams. Cuffs fold right sides and Stitch sections. Remove. Stitch the outer halves of the cuffs to lower edges of sleeves. Tuck and sew cuffs on the inner half pritachivaniya seams. Sew sleeve and priposadite. On the shelves, and the front ends of the cuffs Neaten buttonholes.