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How to sew a corner for a newborn

One of the accessories children's dowry is laced area for a newborn, which has not only a decorative role, but also has a more important mission - to hide the face of the baby from unnecessary sight, to "hide" the kid in the wind, and even to some extent protected from ubiquitous microorganisms in the ground crowded help superfine batiste. Beautifully stitched area may serve as a perfect gift for mladenchika.

How to sew a corner for a newborn

You will need:

100h100sm thin fabric, lace white and pink (or blue) color, narrow satin ribbon the same tones the skin.

Instruction how to make a place for the newborn

Step 1:

Typically, the corner picked thin white batiste. However, at least it looks beautiful corners of gentle tones - blue, pink, salad, yellow. Also for the corner, you can choose printed fabric, for example, in small rosettes or with a hidden pattern. Perfectly suitable for these purposes, lace fabric, which already has a line of the pattern.

Step 2:

Depending on the intended period of use of area, you can make it different in size. Universal Area is less than 100x100 cm, as in most cases, children quite quickly translate into a more "adult" clothing options. Thus, the need for the angle size of 100x100 cm. If a narrow fabric material, that will slightly smaller area, for example, 90x90 cm. In addition, the need sewing lace or different width (the two may be interconnected harmonious colors) and satin narrow ribbons.

Step 3:

Vykroyte of white cloth in small rosettes embossed box selected size. Place the front of the fabric on the diagonal and at one of the corners nasheyte few strips of lace, for example, 5 cm, consistently combining white and pink colors. Thereafter obsheyte the product itself, a little pre-rounded corner. To Area has become more elegant, it is permissible to treat the edges of a double row of lace (one larger, more narrower).

Step 4:

Take wide (no more than 5 cm) lace pink, make the entire length of the small tucks, fixing them namitka. Repeat the same manipulations with white lace (up to 3 cm wide). Align the workpiece obtained along the entire length by putting the item on the narrow wide, and secure each other namitka. Baste "double" prisborennoe lace around the perimeter corners (or rounded corner only), after which it overlock stitch or stitch machine "zigzag".

Step 5:

As an additional decoration perfectly fit narrow ribbons satin white and pink colors (to 10 mm) which can be folded to form small ribbons, and also to sew them around every corner of the perimeter of 10-15 cm.