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How to sew a dress for Barbie

In the world of Barbie has its own laws, according to which it must be the owner of a chic wardrobe, which certainly will be shown in the same fashionable women-girlfriends. If you wish, you can make yourself a magnificent dress, which will be the subject of your child's pride.

How to sew a dress for Barbie

Instruction how to sew dresses for Barbie

Step 1:

First, you need to take chiffon having a packing of dark blue color for the dress and the fine brocade of gold color, which is intended for one of the lower layers of skirt, collar and belt and velcro blue color, which is 5 cm in length and width of 0.5 cm .

Step 2:

To sew the bottom skirt of brocade, make the pattern strips whose length is 30 cm, width - 11 cm. Also carve out another strip of 100 cm long and 5 cm wide One of the sections of the strip, which has a length of 100 cm, fold it back.. twice 0.5 cm on the wrong side and prostrochite, then the upper section of the strip and take away used to sew start small pleats until a length of 30 cm (the remains cut off). By the slice, which is located on a strip length of 30 cm., Stitch the frill, which has been folded. The upper section of 30 centimeter strips are sewn folds until 13 centimeter in length. The side sections of both frills necessary to bend the inside out twice by 0.5 cm., And then stitch.

Step 3:

Dress sewn in accordance with the size of the doll, which are specified in the schema. First built drawing the skirt, which is equal to the Barbie. The part of the paper should be cut out and attach to the underside. Next, take the chalk and stroke a path skirts the sun. Detail of cut along the line along the line of cut and lower cut-off of all remove the material on the underside of the width of 0.5 cm, ironed iron and stitch. Element upper skirt is superimposed on the front side of the skirt, then both of the details we need to stitch on the upper edge and lower a little bit to the length of the skirt.

Step 4:

From the material you need to carve out a blue sleeveless two elements, one item before the fold and with two backrest element, it is necessary to leave the back of allowance 1 cm slices and the remaining slices of 0.5 cm.

Step 5:

Because you need to carve out a 4 brocade collar element with margins of 0.5 cm and a strip of 60 cm long and 4 cm wide belt for sewing a dress. On all sides darts sewn together. Those allowances which are designed to hem sleeves inside out and turn away pritachivayutsya.

Step 6:

Sleeves stitch after the side seams. Then unscrew the allowances which occur in the middle and back sections of tack. Further details of the bodice and the skirt folded right sides, worn down sections around the waist and bodice combined edge and rear sections of the skirts. That strip of cloth of which consists, according to neaten be contour, wherein the fabric is bent to be a width of 0.3 cm and is wound several times around the waist. The final element is a bow that tied back.