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How to sew a dress for prom in kindergarten

All the girls are able to wear beautiful, like a princess dress. They are ready to go to them every day. But the reason is, unfortunately, a little bit. Graduation in kindergarten - is exactly the case when your little princess desire to be fulfilled. Try to make a dress for yourself. It is not difficult. The main thing is accuracy.

How to sew a dress for prom in kindergarten

Instruction how to sew a dress for prom in kindergarten

Step 1:

Cutting the upper part of the dress (bodice). To do this, take the children's T-shirt without sleeves in size. We rubbings from it form the front and back of the bodice. Determine the length of the bodice - waistline. To do this, put on a T-shirt for a child, tie belt. Make a shallow notch on the shirt at the waist line. This will be the length of the bodice.

Step 2:

Start transferring contours shirts on paper. Fold the shirt in half lengthwise. Attach it to the pins graph paper or tracing paper. Circle the front part (front part). It will consist of two symmetrical halves. Similarly, transfer back to the paper line. They will also receive two halves.

Step 3:

Transfer the pattern on the fabric. The front part of the bodice tailor solid. The back consists of two halves, as in the middle will have to sew a zipper, it was convenient to wear a dress. Side seams, add 1 cm, 3 cm at the bottom. Baste side seams of the front and rear halves. His back to the middle of the cut. Take the zipper 10 cm. Baste it to the back.

Step 4:

Measure the bodice of a child. Stitches up, so that you can adjust the fit. Stitch seams. Neck and sleeves neaten piping. All prostrochite. Top ready.

Step 5:

To the bottom of the base fabric and take the lighter, transparent the same color, to get the two-layer skirt. The width of each cloth for the lower skirt calculated by multiplying the width of the bodice to 4. For the lower skirt on 5. The broader the skirt, the dress more magnificent happens. Sew along the side edges of the inner half of the skirt. It will turn "trumpet". Nasborite waist line so that it is equal to the circumference of a circle bodice. Do the same with the outer skirt.

Step 6:

Sew two skirts together at the waist line. I should get one bilayer. They stitched to the bodice seam inside. Treat the side seams and bottom skirts dresses overlock or zigzag.

Step 7:

Decorate the dress with satin ribbon belt. So it will be possible to remove the excess width of the folds at the waist. Decorate neck dress with beads and sequins.