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How to sew a hat child

Independently sew hat is not difficult child. At the same time it would take only 1-2 hours. No matter what style you choose. The main thing that the child liked you sewn cap, and he wore it with pleasure.

How to sew a hat child

Instruction how to sew hat child

Step 1:

To get started, decide which of the fabric you sew it. The fabric can be different: from the fleece of the new knitted fabrics from old T-shirts. The main thing is that it is well stretched and clung to the head of the baby. Therefore, it is recommended from a knitted fabric. From fleece cap is very soft and warm, you can wear in the winter.

Step 2:

Take two measurements: - head circumference (measured head in a circle across the forehead, ears and nape of the bottom); - Height of the cap (measured from the middle ear to the crown).

Step 3:

Make a pattern out of paper. It should be slightly smaller than the size of the head shot. This is due to the properties of the tissue to stretch. But at 1-2 cm on the seam still add.

Step 4:

Next, cut out of the fabric: - two semi-circular parts - the base cap; - A rectangle, which is equal in length to the circumference of the head - a hat overboard. The width of the bead is determined at will, but an average of about twenty centimeters.

Step 5:

Sewing: Sew together two parts of the base cap, folded face inwards. The board also Sew on the side from the wrong side. Apply on the base board and Stitch around. All seams verlokom process.

Step 6:

Caps for girls can and should decorate the applications, knit flowers, pompons or something else. Boy fasten cap on the icon with the image of cars or favorite character from the cartoon.