How To Sew A Jacket Girl | Children




How to sew a jacket girl

The jacket made of natural wool fabric with double zipper and buttons, sticks any girl will be warm and comfortable. Also, the little fashionista will not abandon fur trim on the hood that is easily fastened.

How to sew a jacket girl

You will need:

Wool batt (Loden), a flap of artificial skin flap lining fabric, wool braid, braid for edging sections, the strip of artificial fur with a long nap and tape for pritachivaniya, the contact strip 2 cm wide, separable fastener, 3 buttons, sticks.

Instruction how to sew a jacket girl

Step 1:

Cutting of the wool two shelves, two shelves strips, one piece back, sleeve, middle and two side of the hood, two pockets of burlap and wool lining fabric. At 1, 5 cm on leave allowances.

Step 2:

Sew the strap to the shelves for the fasteners. Then defer shelves along the seams at a distance of 5 mm. Follow welt pockets with leaves with a set ends.

Step 3:

Sew the sides of the product and perform shoulder seams.

Step 4:

Cut the allowances on the bottom shelves, the back, the front edge strips, slice the throat. Turn over all sections of braid jacket, scribbled on the front side.

Step 5:

By the middle of the hood, sew the side pieces. Defer the middle part at a distance of 5 mm. The personal allowance cut the neckline and turn over the tape. Sew hood in the neck.

Step 6:

Cut allowances at the bottom of the sleeves. Turn over sections of braid. Sew sleeves priposadiv OKATO.

Step 7:

Place the braid for edging cuts to the zipper on the back side. Pin at a distance of 5 mm from the teeth. Scribbled in the region. Sew the zipper on top of the border line.

Step 8:

For fasteners made of artificial leather vykroyte three squares and three bands at 18 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. Each fold in half lengthwise wrong side inward. Sew along srezov.Sdelayte of these bands loops, sew them to the shelves. Above all sewn slips Sew the squares on the perimeter of the skin. Sew on buttons.

Step 9:

The ends of the fur strip tuck 1 cm and sew seam velvet hand. The segments with hooks on the tape contact sheet under okantovki.Nastrochite their joints pritachivaniya tape from the front of the fur strip. Wrap a strip of fur cowl neckline and fasten the edge with the help of the contact segments of the tape.