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How to sew a linen baby

With the advent of the baby in the house I want to surround him with warmth and care. Create your own hands bedding convey the energy of my mother's love and warmth. And they sewed simple enough. The main thing - to know the dimensions and completeness. From fabric best suited calico or chintz.

How to sew a linen baby

You will need:

- the cloth; - Meter; - A pair of scissors; - sewing machine.

Instruction how to sew baby bedding

Step 1:

For the manufacture of the sheets will need 1 + length of 10-20 cm to 1 podvorot x + width of 10-20 cm on podvorot. On the perimeter, add 1.5cm seam allowance on. Piece of fabric with four sides tuck double podgibkoy (tuck cut inside out twice by 0.7 cm and scribbled in the region, that is 1-2 mm from the fold).

Step 2:

Bedding is better measured by their blanket. It will take 1 + length of 3 cm on the seam allowance for (1.5 cm on both sides) x 2 + width of 1.5 cm on the seam allowance to one side and 4.5 cm on the seam for the buttons. Rectangle tissue tuck one side double podgibkoy width of 3 cm from the edge of the eyes and buttons. Fold the fabric right side out, sew the two sides so as to obtain a bag. Edge for buttons must be open. Remove the duvet cover inside out and topstitch close to the seam at a distance of 5-7 mm (raw slices remain inside the joint). On one side of the open edge sew buttons, on the other - make loops.

Step 3:

To take 2 pillowcases cushion length + 25 cm Bend (valve) + 3 cm on the seam allowance to 1 x the width of the cushion + 3 cm on the seam allowance on. The sections on both sides of width (or one, if a second edge) double hem podgibkoy. Pillowcases fold so that the valve (25 cm) was in between the two layers of fabric. Make as well as in the blanket, hiding the seams.

Step 4:

Ready-made underwear turn out on the front side, iron it on both sides and tuck cot.