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How to sew a pillow feeding

Feeding a newborn baby is a pleasant, but quite tedious and time consuming process. It can last for forty minutes. Keep the crumbs on his hands for such a long time is difficult: muscle tension, heaviness in the arms, back pain. Turn-feeding a real pleasure, you can use a special pillow. Following our instructions, you sew it yourself.

How to sew a pillow feeding

You will need:

Natural fabrics, sewing machine, thread, needle, lightning, filler.

Instruction how to sew a pillow for feeding

Step 1:

Buy a 1.5-meter (web width of 90-100 cm) thick fabric for pillow-case, suit teak, satin, jacquard. For better to buy pillowcases otrez natural soft pastel fabrics: cotton, calico, satin. It will take as a filler for pillows (for example, padding polyester, kamforel, holofayber) and possibly lightning 60 cm long. Patterns for the pattern can be downloaded online or to make the most.

Step 2:

Fold the fabric in half. Circle template, do not forget to add a few cm for seams. Cut out the details. Make the notch on the fabric for ease of connection. In the same way cut out parts for pillowcases. Add detail-ties. How much will the ties - to identify you. They are usually two or four. Make a cut notch on the details in the places where you will sew the ties.

Step 3:

If you decide to use a clasp fastener, do not forget to make the seam allowances are much wider - up to the outer edge of the pillow back down from the middle of 25 - 27 cm and also make a notch.

Step 4:

Sew cover. Connect the two parts: the outer and inner part - insert. Gently and carefully connect the ends of the insert and the notch on the outside of the part, from the center. For convenience Cleave pins. Sew proutyuzhte perimeter and towards the insert. Do not forget to leave a hole to fill. Remove the cover on the front side. Fill the cushion and sew the hole.

Step 5:

If you did everything correctly, you'll have a cushion in the form of a bagel. Join and sew pillowcases details. Treat the internal seams and iron, preferably in the direction "rear". If you decide to make a pillow case with zipper, then Sew lock, pre-seasoned it with the product.

Step 6:

Sew the straps to the "corners" cushions. You can use ready-made ribbon or braid. The pillow is ready.

Step 7:

It is advisable to make such a structure to the birth of the baby, then you can, lying on his side, very easy to arrange it on your tummy.