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How to sew a quilt for discharge

Extract - a solemn moment, so it would be desirable that the first baby dowry was not only a warm and functional, but also beautiful. The very first thing a great kid - a blanket envelope for discharge.

How to sew a quilt for discharge

Instruction how to sew a quilt for discharge

Step 1:

The first thing you need to consider when starting to manufacture blankets envelope - what time of the year for the first time the baby will come out onto the street from the hospital. In the summer, the blanket should not be too warm, or by changes in temperature toddler can catch pneumonia if the fall or spring, the envelope is best to sew from fleece and syntepon if the winter, you can not do without a thick layer of padding polyester or down like material layer. In addition, you must choose a thin blankets natural fabric for the inner surface that breathes and does not cause irritation - cotton, chintz, calico. It is possible to tie the old blanket strips, but they slip and fall, so modern envelopes are usually equipped with a clasp. This can be elastic, ribbons - laces, hooks or velcro.

Step 2:

Quilt stitching can be square or round shape. If you select a square cut out of his with a side of not less than 90 centimeters, especially if the winter envelope. Alternately, cut the squares of all the bed and put them together. Expand the square acute angle upwards, there will be a baby's head. Here it is necessary to measure the angle of 30 centimeters, draw a line and cut corners. Sew the edge to the intersection with the old square sides and paste dress elastic gum. Thus, the envelope will adhere perfectly to the baby's head, protecting it from the cold and wind.

Step 3:

Layers are best quilt on a typewriter. Then sew the edge. It can be decorated with lace. The lower edge will close the legs, stomach and chest baby. A sidewall will not only cover the child, but also to fix its position in the envelope. On the edge of each side of the angle you need to sew a zipper - tape, Velcro or hook. The preferred Velcro, as it allows the fastest swaddle baby. Further, from the left edge must be about twenty centimeters to retreat and sew the fastener pair on the inner side and the envelope on the right corner of the same fastener with the outside only for good fixation of the child. Similarly, the envelope is sewn round shape, it is even more convenient for not wrong to swaddle the baby have to think about where and how to fill the protruding corners.