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How to sew a reusable diaper

Sew a reusable diaper under force even to the one who knows how to sew very mediocre. Reusable diapers will help you to save the family budget and encourage the child as soon as possible to inform parents about wanting to go to the potty.

How to sew a reusable diaper

You will need:

- length knitted or fleece to the outer side of the diaper and cutting silk or lining fabric for the inside - Sewing Supplies - elastic band - Velcro

Instruction how to sew reusable diaper

Step 1:

Make a pattern paper for a disposable diaper suitable size.

Step 2:

Drawing Paper attach to the fabric and trace the pattern with chalk or a piece of dry soap. Carve one outer and one inner portion of the diaper. Be sure to make a seam allowance on the 1-1.5 cm on all sides, and on the outside front of the make even 1 cm allowance on top of that beautiful sostrochit diaper.

Step 3:

Deal with a cut edge portions of the diaper or zigzag sewing machine, either manually obmetochnym seam.

Step 4:

Put together both parts right sides inward. The sides that will surround the legs of the child, sostrochite together. Remove the diaper facing the outside and well otutyuzhte lines.

Step 5:

Fold the diaper in half to determine the place of sewing gum. From the folding of the diaper must measure 12 cm, if the size of the disposable diaper taken as a sample №2, and 14 cm, if the sample size №4. On the measured distance slide parallel fold line diaper line from one side to the other. From the resulting point, measure 1.5-2 cm and draw a line parallel to the lateral edge of the line. Similarly, the same measurement line and slide on the rear side of the diaper. A line drawn along the edges with stitched by the two sides on the sewing machine. Between the lateral fold line and made stitching turned compartment gum.

Step 6:

Insert the gum side holes with the help of pins. Both ends of the elastic bands sewn to the fabric in those places where the gum line for sewing begins. The sides of the diaper should be a little prisborivatsya.

Step 7:

Two lousy gum, remove the diaper on the wrong side. Stitch the upper portion of the diaper from the back. Then, remove the diaper on the front side.

Step 8:

At the top of the front of the diaper bend double to wrong side of the left margin facial tissue. Stitch together front and seamy side. Sew Velcro at the required level.