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How to sew a robe for a baby

Children really want to be like my mom and dad. Why not make them happy with a bath or warm flannel bathrobe as adults? Especially because so warm in it comfortably, and it is so nice to wrap after the adoption of water treatments.

How to sew a robe for a baby

You will need:

- 80 cm tissue; - Thread in tone; - sewing machine; - Scissors.

Instruction how to sew a robe for a baby

Step 1:

In order to make a soft and comfortable bathrobe for the child you will need to terry cloth, if you can not buy it, buy a couple of towels, in addition, it is possible to sew flannel or any other cotton fabric. The main thing that it was a soft, warm and absorbs moisture well.

Step 2:

Make a pattern coat on a large sheet of paper. This may be a piece of drawing paper or wallpaper. Lay the fabric on a flat surface, wrong side up. Place on it the pattern of the paper circle tailor's chalk and cut with sharp scissors, leaving a seam allowance of one centimeter on each side. Fold the fabric in half should not be, because the fabric is quite thick, and it will be difficult to cut out.

How to sew a robe for a baby

Step 3:

Fold the parts before and back right sides together. Baste the shoulder and side seams and Sew them on the sewing machine. To the seams do not rub the delicate skin of the baby, treat their piping. To do this, then iron the seam. Put the top inlay, then baste or pin the pins and Stitch on the sewing machine with two sides. If you sew coat of lighter fabrics such as flannel. That will be enough to handle the seams on overloge or zigzag stitch.

Step 4:

All edges of the robe (the smell of the line, sleeve, neck and bottom) obsheyte piping. As the fastener to sew a button or buttons, or make a gown with ties and belt. To carve out a strip length of one meter more than the child's waist circumference, fold it in half, prostrochite on the machine, turn on the front side, helping himself to some stick, such as a pencil. Fold the open edge and sew them to a hidden seam or scribbling on a typewriter.

Step 5:

Carve out pockets. They may be of different shapes. Decorate them with applique or embroidery and sew the product. Bathrobe ready.