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How to sew a set for cot

To dream of your baby was calm and sweet, take care of the set in a cot. Of course, you can buy it in the store, but these kits are quite expensive. In addition, there is nothing better things made with love, because they carry the extraordinary power of a loving person.

How to sew a set for cot

Instruction how to sew kit for cot

Step 1:

For bed linen cot select monochromatic pastel cotton cloth. After washing, the fabric may shrink, so the pre-wash and its proutyuzhte.

Step 2:

The sides of the crib, close the "pillows". By the standards of the crib on the wrong side of the fabric rectangles carve. Cut out the details. Sew three sides of the details, leaving open one. Cutting foam rubber (its size should be slightly less than the size of the part of the fabric about 0.5 cm on each side). Put piece of foam into the case. Sew the opening. Sew a "cushion" two ribbons of width 5 cm, departing from the edge of the 6 centimeters.

Step 3:

For standard pillowcases on a booster cushion 45x45 cm carve out a rectangle 47 cm wide and 100 cm long. Stitch short sections of the rectangle. Fold it twice envelope 45, 45 and 10 centimeters and sew along the sides, slices treat overlock or zigzag stitch. Decorate pillowcases frill of lace or embroidery.

Step 4:

For a bed sheet, measure the length and width of the mattress and add to the resulting measures 10-20 cm. Stitch all sections. To not break the sheet off the mattress, sew along the edge of an elastic braid, but in this case must be added to the standards of the mattress 5-10 cm, otherwise the sheets would not be pulled.

Step 5:

Duvet carve size blankets, adding 5 cm to receive the standards. Fold the piece in half face each other. Sew all sections, leaving an opening to insert a blanket. Duvet cover and remove the proutyuzhte all seams.

Step 6:

Very nice looks with a four-poster bed. In addition, it is very practical, since it is possible to cover and protect the baby crib from the bright light when he sleeps. Select translucent fabric. Fold the length of all sides of the crib - so you get the width of the canopy. Fold one-third of the length from the top make two lines, between which the insert ring for the canopy. At the junction on the ring sew two ribbons and tie them in a bow. Decorate the canopy lace or embroidery.