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How to sew a shirt child

It's nice not only to dress your child in a beautiful and fashionable clothes, but also to create their own hands for the baby designer clothes. This is not only fun, but also quite economical. One of the most difficult stages in the process of sewing children's shirt is to create a pattern. There are several ways of cutting and sewing of the same in all cases.

How to sew a shirt child

You will need:

- material; - Backing material; - Pattern parts children's shirts; - A needle; - Thread; - A pair of scissors; - sewing machine; - Buttons; - Accessories for decoration.

Instruction how to sew children's shirt

Step 1:

Take the old children's shirt as the basis for the pattern. Thrust it at the seams and ready to get the details, which you can cut out the new material. The edges of the pieces of the new shirt raskroennyh treat overlocking some form of lines designed on the processing margin.

Step 2:

The second option. Cut out a shirt for the child finished the pattern. You can use ready-made patterns, the patterns presented in specialized magazines in cut and sew and can make the pattern for yourself. Using any of these methods, do not forget to leave when cutting the reserve two centimeters on the allowances at SEWING products. The product is cut in the direction of common thread. Cutting material, start sewing.

Step 3:

Bend allowance for processing fasteners on the underside of the shirt, and then baste. Zagotovte a cut coquette. At the top of the shirt then baste two soft folds. Sew yoke to the back of the set-in seam shirt. By coquette face lower face put shelves and sew. Slice the top yoke bend and sew to the edge.

Step 4:

Zagotovte collar lining. Sew the upper and lower collars, and seam razutyuzhte. The upper collar baste lining, sew the top and bottom parts of the collar, cut corners, turn, smooth, and then defer.

Step 5:

Zagotovte rack gasket. On the upper face of the rack face put under the collar, and on the upper face of the collar, place the bottom rack face. Baste and stitch, doshivaya not stand at the bottom of the width of the seam allowance.

Step 6:

On the underside of the shirt lay face lower rack, aligning the middle. The free edge of the bottom rack to bend and sew the edge.

Step 7:

Hemmed cuffs of sleeves. If the sleeve is sewn into the armhole closed, its lower seam is sewn, and the shoulder area is going on two machine lines. If the sleeve is sewn into the open armhole, the side seam of the shirt sleeves and bottom seam is not stitched. Shoulder sleeve area is collected in two lines, combining the middle of the sleeve from the shoulder line, spawn and sew sleeve. Sections were treated together, then ligated lower sleeve seam and a side seam shirt. Do likewise with the other shirt, sew the sides of the product.

Step 8:

Sew and cut buttonholes. Sew on buttons. You can decorate the product labels, badges and embroidery if you wish. Products progladte. Shirt is ready.