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How to sew a sleeping bag for children

Before reaching the age of about four months, the baby can not be independently rotated to one side or tummy. However, in a dream, he may become tangled in a blanket arms and legs, throw blanket to herself or to pull it over his head. This leads to the fact that the baby wakes up and cries. A sleeping bag for your child first year of life is a bag that resembles its appearance long dress with buckles on the shoulders and a zipper in the front or side. Sew a sleeping bag with his hands in the cellar.

How to sew a sleeping bag for children

You will need:

- cotton fabric for osnovy- about 90-100 cm (width of the fabric is not less than 110 cm) - Lining cloth - about 90-100 cm (with a width of not less than 110 cm) - sintepon - about 90-100 cm (width not less than 110 cm), - bias binding to handle neck - about 100 cm - 90 cm long zipper - 2 buttons.

Instruction how to sew a sleeping bag for children

Step 1:

Select for sewing cotton cloth bag, which is usually made of linen. This material has a very high density and a wide range of colors. For the lining you can use fabric in a contrasting color or light colors (if the main fabric has a printed image). As the insulation is well suited certified hypoallergenic polyester (sintepon).

Step 2:

Pin made of paper details the pattern of the two halves of the shelves (the front part of the future product) and back to the main fabric and cut them out, leaving 1-1.5 cm SEAM. Carve out a similar manner the basic details of the lining fabric and insulation.

Step 3:

Sew the back of the hand, and shelves to secure the insulation.

Step 4:

Free quilted stitching all the details on the outline of the diamonds or squares to a heater not "got lost" during the wash and sleep.

Step 5:

Put the details back and forehand from the underlying tissue with a heater and sew them on the outer edge.

Step 6:

Sew the zipper to the vertical edges of the halves shelves. Fold the upper parts of the front side, and prostrochite on a line left to right armhole armhole. The corners can be rounded bottom edge.

Step 7:

Sew lining details of the armhole to armhole, leaving a free hand to zipper on the shelves. All sections treat dense zigzag.

Step 8:

Remove the upper part of the sleeping bag and insert the lining, prometayte together details on the neck line and armholes.

Step 9:

Sew lining to zipper.

Step 10:

Arrange slices the neck, armholes and straps to buckles piping.

Step 11:

Make shoulder straps on the front loops for clasps and straps on the same side of the back sew on buttons.