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How to sew a toy-dog

Sewing soft toys - this is a very exciting and rewarding hobby for both children and adults. In this case, you can express their imagination and create a toy, which will be happy to play your child or give them the most near and dear to you people. Soft toys, sewed their own hands, can become and a great decoration for your home.

How to sew a toy-dog

Instruction how to sew a toy-dog

Step 1:

A dog can make a wide variety of materials suitable pieces of fur, drape, cloth, and even cotton fabrics. Color Choose this what you want, because the toy dog ​​can be blue and pink, and polka dots, but at least the gray-brown-crimson speckled.

Step 2:

Transfer the pattern on the paper and cut parts. Put them on the wrong side of the fabric, and carve out two parts of the body, one part of the chin, forehead one piece, two pieces of ears. From fabric lighter shade carve out two parts of the abdomen. A drape of the four parts of the foot, and two pieces of ears. From the red fabric carve out part of language. Cut out the parts, leaving a 0.5 mm allowance for seams.

Step 3:

Now, proceed to making a dog. First Stitch detail of the forehead to the trunk (line a-b). If the items are small, that make it easier to hand a loop stitch, and if the details are quite large, and the fabric is thin, use a sewing machine. Next, in the same manner Stitch chin (line a-g). Sew parts of the abdomen, leaving nezashitym hole through d-e. Sew the abdomen to the detail of the trunk on the paws, aligning the x and xx, and leave open the lower sections of the paws. Sew by hand to the foot parts slices open paws.

Step 4:

Now Sew the remaining parts of the body (in-line and x-g, b-xx). Remove nezashitoe through the hole in the abdomen on the front side. Tamp dog any filler, it may be padding polyester or wool. If you use cotton wool, then to the toy was softer, it should be a little gut. After you close the trunk stuffed with filler, sew a hidden seam hole on the abdomen. Torso dogs ready.

Step 5:

Sew together the details of the ears (one of the main fabric and one of the drape), leaving nezashitym hole at the bottom, so that through him it was possible to turn on the front side. Ears unscrew and sew blind stitches holes, and then sew them to the head.

Step 6:

Sew language details, turn to the right side and sew a hidden stitch, sew on a button nose or embroider black thread. Eyes are made of round buttons, cut-out pieces of leather or embroider white and black thread.