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How to sew a toy rabbit

Soft toy hare is very like a child. He just wanted to pat. In the bright bunny suit is very handsome, legs and ears to match cleft along. This toy will be a good gift for the birthday boy or girl, if you choose blue or pink for a performance jumpsuit hare.

How to sew a toy rabbit

You will need:

- shaggy fabric golden-yellow color; - Fleece pink / blue; - Sintepon; - The large granules; - Two eyes Ø 8 mm; - Thread the floss black; - Thread for sewing; - Paper patterns; - A thin wire; - Ticks.

Instruction how to sew a toy rabbit

Step 1:

Cutting parts toys, an increase of 200% given the details of the pattern. Fold one-piece parts of the head of shaggy fabric right sides together and Sew from the nose to the neck. Inside face between the two lumpy parts Sew the middle part of the head.

Step 2:

For making the inside of the ears, use fleece, for exterior - shaggy fabric. Sew the folded right sides, leave nezashitymi bottom edges. Insert the wire directly into the ears, so that you can give them any form. In the middle of each ear paving machines line, stitching the two sides together.

Step 3:

The lower halves of the legs (the shoe), the cut of shaggy fabric, fold right sides in the middle and stitch the front. Sew sole of fleece. Remove the leg. Parts of hand made of shaggy fabric, fold and sew along the length, leaving nezashitymi bottom edges. Then unscrew.

Step 4:

Part before the fleece fold and Stitch from the label "1" to "2" mark. Sew the rear half of the legs folded right sides to the back, aligning the mark "3". Before you fold the backrest and stitch facial area labeled "4", "5", "6". Sew the legs on the inside. After processing the edge of the hands and tucked them hem.

Step 5:

Tamp synthetic padding head, arms and sew. Type in the lower parts of the legs, sew them to the bottom bryuchek, which, in turn, is necessary is gathered. The body fill with synthetic padding and legs - granulate. Hand sewn with his head put into the armholes of the body. Prisoberite upper edge overalls, tuck his head and sew. Sew armhole in the hands of the body.

Step 6:

At the edge of the circle start up a thread on it prisoberite tail. Tamp its synthetic padding and tighten. Sew the tail. Ears insert deep into the scalp 1 cm and sew.

Step 7:

Note the location of the eye pin. Firmly pull the thread through the eye of the eye and hold his pliers. Insert the ends of the thread in the needle and puncture site marked with a pin. In the same way the second eye fix. Do all ends of the yarn components.

Step 8:

Floss thread embroider nose. From fleece, selected in tone with the costume, ears and feet of a hare, sew and tie up a scarf around the neck of her bunny.